Watch Arbaas Khan Statement on Salman Khan’s Rape Comment

Is it generally that Salman Khan’s “guiltless” remarks influence his family more that the Sultan performing artist himself? His fans beyond any doubt stand up at all to call his remarks blameless and in the right soul and not to be considered important. It wouldn’t not be right to say this is stature of lack of awareness by fans and individuals. The performer as of late put forth a fairly obtuse expression when he contrasted himself with an assault casualty in the wake of completing a wrestling scene amid shooting. Clearly, this bothered individuals as it was a to a great degree inept correlation with make in any case. In any case, what has disturbed individuals more is the way that his dad, Salim Khan turned out and apologized for his child’s habit.

Arbaas Khan Statement on Salman Khan's Rape Comment

Arbaas Khan Statement on Salman Khan’s Rape Comment

Watch Arbaas Khan Statement on Salman Khan’s Rape Comment

Yet, when brother Arbaaz Khan was requested that remark on the circumstance, he was very miffed! Not over his sibling’s doltish explanation but rather over the way that he is constantly gotten some information about Salman! In spite of the fact that he controlled his annoyance, as it were, as he gave an announcement, it was very apparent that he was vexed.

He said, “Not each occurrence that happens with Salman, I should be liable to. Whether Salman is getting hitched, not getting hitched, who is Salman’s sweetheart, what does Salman say… Salman is a 50 year old man who says things as per him before the media, how he drives his life, I’ve not put a GPRS on Salman that I know where he is, who he is sitting with. So it happens that I don’t know so I couldn’t remark till I heard what he had said.”

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